Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recent Games

Whew! What a busy few weeks it has been since my last posting. Unfortunately for me, most of my "busy time" has not been filled with wargaming related projects! However, we have managed to work in a pair of games since the last time I was able to post my usual blather.

In early May we played a War of 1812 game set near Fort George Ontario using 15mm troops from my friend Jeff's collection. It was nice to see the old Minifigs once again as it has been 2 or 3 years since we had these miniatures on the table. We played the game using General de Brigade without modifications. This is part of our effort to consolidate/narrow all of the rules that we use for all of the differing periods and scales that we play. Up until very recently, we had a different rule set for every game that we play and it had gotten VERY confusing.

I have lost my notes on the Fort George game and did not remember to bring my camera for the game so there is little to tell. Mike and Jeff led the British/Canadian troops while Carl was stuck on the American side with me. Hoping to catch the British troops piecemeal, as they roused themselves out of camp, we opted for a general advance. We counted on speed and surprise and, as events proved, we lacked both!

The Americans landed a brigade (Brigade A) to open the battle while the British/Canadians were slumbering in camp. As American Brigade A advanced inland the alarm was sounded and the British troops reacted VERY quickly. The Canadians in Brigade 1 advanced aggressively to meet the American invaders in the open field south of their camp and quickly got the upper hand on Carl's lone American brigade.

From that point on the British had the upper hand as their troops reacted more quickly and moved into the battle line while the other two American brigades took an unfortunately long time to land and get into action. By the time American brigades B and C landed, Carl's Americans were routing back to their boats and quitting the fight. My pair of late arriving American brigades tried to hammer through the British but found it impossible to drive them back or destroy them in time to save the day. As the American commander, I should be flogged for hatching such a poor plan!

The Map to Failure!!

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Phil said...

Hi James,
It's a pity you forgot your camera, it seems interesting!
I wanted to ask you how you draw the maps, but this was explained in your last post...I'll try it!