Monday, January 17, 2011

General de Brigade

We played a Napoleonic game this past weekend using the newest version of General de Brigade (Deluxe). I  quickly learned that my bad luck is universal and applies just as much to the new version of the rules. My artillery ran low on ammo the very FIRST TIME it fired. My opponent, Mike, was kind enough to give me a "Mulligan" but, still... Merde! Not too long after that I rolled a 2 again and went ammo low anyway. At least the "Mulligan" kept me from being completely out of ammo. That pretty much sums up the rest of the battle for me as misfortune followed misfortune.

Meanwhile, on the rules side of things, there are few "NEW" things to GdB but there are many subtle changes that seem to make the game flow a bit better. The tactical march (to speed up movement when 20+ inches from the enemy) is a great idea that will allow some shifting of troops and the practical use of reserves. The firing table has been changed a bit to minimize the amount of different sized firing groups. There are a few new morale modifiers that appear to be good ideas as well. Overall, the changes and clarifications are for the better. Best of all, unlike my old 2nd edition book, this book has page numbers!

I am looking forward to the next battle in a few weeks...

Here are a couple of cell phone pictures to look at while you consider why I am so unlucky in gaming....
French Legere leading a French brigade against a solid wall of Austrians

French right wing moving around Austrian left - to no success...
Looking down the Austrian line from the French right wing