Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Few shots from recent games

I have managed to unload a few pictures from my camera of recent games.

From our ACW game: Battery Robinette
CSA troops approaching Battery Robinette

CSA troops approaching Battery Robinette

 From our Napoleonic game: Tarviso
Opening positions in center

French Legere take the village

French Line Infantry entering Tollo

View of Tollo from the French cavalry positions

Final positions where the French win only because of time limits. Note the large number of Austrians regrouping to swarm the village

Hungarians on the march

Early in the battle. Austrians prepare to charge into Tollo

Austrians holding Tollo

A large number of Austrians in the center!

French troops on the left wing facing Austrian Hussars


Phil said...

Yes! Photos! This is much better!
And those pictures are really nice.
I really like your french infantry, line and legere!

Rosbif said...

Wow! Great pictures!