Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WW1 Figure Comparison

Remember when I mentioned a picture showing a comparison of each manufacturer's figures for WW1? Six months later... ta da! Here are two shots of a lineup I did that featured samples from each manufacturer that I own. I know there are other manufacturers but I don't own them ... yet.

L to R

Renegade French Officer, Renegade French Soldier, Great War French Officer in Adrian Helmet, Brigade Games French NCO, Scarab Miniatures Austrian Officer, and Foundry French Soldier in Late War kit.

I like almost all of the figures and would happily mix all but the Scarab and Foundry figures with any of the others. It looks like my very small pile of Foundry chaps will soon be moving to a new home via eBay while I will need to get some more of those Scarab Austrians so the few I already have don't feel left out.

Summer Time and the Gaming is Easy...

Well, I've been painting. Unfortunately, it isn't anything as exotic as a new 28mm Chasseur Regiment or some 15mm Pirates - instead it is the nursery for our little girl. She is due in August and we have been working to get ready for her arrival. This hasn't left much time for painting figures but I have managed to play a few games at the local club.

Our most recent battle was a Colonial Africa affair that pitted the British against a vaguely Mahdist force who were allied with a suspicious German force. The battle was the usual chaos of an 8 player game that featured a combined total of nearly 1000 figures. After 5 or 6 hours of gaming, joking, and swapping tales of other wargames we arrived at the climatic moment in the battle...

My Ansars had penetrated into the center of the city via some undefended alleyways. My troops burst into the open area in front of British headquarters only to find themselves in the midst of wagon loads of explosives and ammunition that was being moved from warehouses to waiting boats. Predictably, at least in a wargame, the British began to blaze away at my soldiers as we put the few wagon drivers in the area to the sword. Unfortunately for my Ansars (and an assortment of other nearby Imperial troops)one of the British shots triggered a series of explosions that left the central section of the town a collection of blackened craters strewn with charred bodies. Ugh...

This picture shows the British Army HQ at the top with the ammo wagons hidden behind the buildings in the center of the picture.

All in all, we had a great time and got to drag out lots of our figures for a game. Our next tilt will see us return to Napoleon's 1814 Campaign in France.