Sunday, October 26, 2008

How I lose

This is another shot of my nephew Alexander the Great. In this shot he is busy describing how his massive army is going to crush my pathetic force. It was a tough lesson for me to learn...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Check out Scott's Blog

Scott has a blog on his gaming projects over at...

A new area of expense... ahem interest

My wargaming pal Scott lured me into doing something with my long standing curiosity about WWI/The Great War/The War to End All Wars... So I have taken the plunge and begun doing a bit of reading, collecting, and painting troops so we can wargame this fascinating era.

For once I have a plan (sort of) for what I wish to collect before I just purchasing figures willy nilly. We will see if I can stick to my plans - I have my doubts. First up will be French (I gotta collect French troops - call me misguided, sick, or whatever...) and Germans. I have completed a small smattering of Old Glory Germans and I have to say they aren't bad looking figures. As soon as I have properly based them I shall have to snap and share a few pics.

Meanwhile check out a new WWI movie that looks positively inspirational:

More Colonials

The British gunboat Safiah moving downstream against the native right flank.

Colonial Urban Warfare

Here we look along the native lines from the right flank towards the center and left. In the central area is the open ground that was the scene of a mad charge by a Highland unit and later the scene of a monumental cavalry charge by over eager British and Indian Lancer units. In the end the British ran out of troops before we did...

Colonialism is an ugly business

Yesterday, our gaming club played a scenario set in Colonial Rantoul. This fictional region is modeled on the regions fought over by the European powers in the later 1800s. Here you will see British, French, Germans, Italians, Beduins, Tuaregs, Sudanese, Zulus, Indians, Egyptians, and many other groups pitted against one another in our ongoing campaigns. I commanded on the native right wing as we defended our Holy city from British attack. As usual, the British sent in the Territorials first so that none of the "real" soldiers would suffer too much... but this time it didn't work! The natives fared well since we stayed hidden in forts and towns to avoid the superior British firepower!