Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A hair-brained scheme if ever...

My latest detour in wargaming is, in fact, an extension of a project that I have been thinking about and tinkering with for more than a decade...

From time to time I have wanted to play 'entire' battles while still representing the majority of the units involved with miniatures. This isn't easy to do in my chosen scale of 25mm! The scale of the figures and the limitations of space have thwarted any thoughts of doing large actions.

I have had an ongoing fascination with Operation Market Garden (Holland 1944) and Operations Goodwood/Cobra (Normandy 1944) since I read books about these actions many, many, years ago. The thought of large armored units sweeping across the map of Europe has always held a special spot in my imagination. I have tried collecting GHQ Micro Armor but, for various reasons, that really wasn't going to work. You know something is wrong when 1 inch long tanks are "too big" for my idea!

A few weeks ago I saw a news posting on The Miniatures Page about the release of a Royal Tiger model so I clicked on it and found the likely solution to all of my plans... a link to Picoarmor

These 1/600th scale miniatures, yes 1/600(!), would allow me to build Armored Divisions for @$80 each and allow me to portray huge WW2 battles on our club's gaming table. I have traded some emails with John at Picoarmor and he has made some suggestions for rules. I have ordered a rules set so I can decide how to organize some units for gaming.

Yet another project...!