Saturday, July 26, 2008

The one gaming opponent I cannot beat

This is my nephew Alex. We play wargames using a variety of plastic and metal soldiers from many different eras (often all mixed together!) and he ALWAYS wins. His tactics are flawless and his dice rolling is uncanny. I hope that with more practice, deeper tactical studies, and some better luck on my behalf I may yet find a way to beat this guy!

Col. Ferguson's Grave at King's Mountain

Col. Ferguson's (British/Loyalist commander) gravesite. The Patriots are said to have piled stones on his grave to make sure he stayed in the ground...

Fresh from Vacation!

Well I'm just back from vacation having gone to the beach for a few days. I also attempted to make another visit to Ft Sumter in Charleston but the weather wasn't cooporative and I missed the ferry boat out to the fort by 10 minutes! Maybe next time...

I got to see one of my favorite bands, Rush, in concert in Charlotte NC and it was a great show!

I did get to make a brief visit to the King's Mountain battlefield in upstate South Carolina. It was, as always, eerie to walk the ridgeline as it was so quiet and peaceful - so unlike the day must have been during the battle.

Back to painting and preparing for upcoming games...!!!