Sunday, May 17, 2009

I've Gone Missing

There is a reason for my recent silence. Your humble correspondant was captured in a trench raid in late March and has only just escaped. In a daring escape organized by Lt. J.Thompson we recently escaped back to our own lines... Hurrah! Our return to our lines will allow me to resume my reporting on my gaming projects.

That sounds much better than admitting that I have been very busy lately with all the usual obligations - work, family, and so on. I have been organizing a "pile" of 25mm First Crusades Saracens to send away to a painting service. I was inspired to finally get these guys "done up" after picking up the Fields of Glory rules which had a nice guide to organizing a Saracen army. So after sitting in my closet since 1998, it looks like Saladin may finally take the field soon.

I am STILL painting my 1914 Germans. The first batch is very close to being finished. After that it will be a few machine gun teams and command types to round out my Bosche line unit. I have some Jagers (jaegers?) to do after that. I have been using this fantastic site Tom Weiss as painting inspiration. I hope my figures turn out half as well!!

Scott Pasha has loaned me Patrols in the Sudan to review. In addition, I have been reviewing Habitants and Highlanders for our upcoming French and Indian game.