Sunday, February 01, 2009

Breaking silence

Things here at the old wargaming blog have been rather silent lately. I've been very busy with other "real life" issues to get much done in wargaming that was worth any note. As the weather was reasonably warm today I was able to spray some sealer onto a dozen Old West gunfighters so that I would have something to show for my efforts during January. I tried taking some photos of them but it was not bright enough, or I did not have the camera settings correct, so there was no evidence to present...

We tested the "skeleton" for a set of gunfighting rules yesterday and, as usual, my ideas during development didn't play out at all as I had anticipated. What I envisioned was close range pistol dueling with figures dropping left and right. What I got was a protracted affair where nobody got put out of the game for about the first 45 minutes or so! I plan on tweaking things to make it more bloody (I was concerned that players would get knocked out too fast and be left with nothing to do before the first game!) with a view towards each player now controlling 3, 4, 5, or even 6 figures in any given game. This should lessen the sting of gunfighters getting killed if you have another figure to fight on with.

That pretty much tidies up January 2009 - with little to report.

February 2009 should see me return to my Great War project of 1914 French Infantry, some 1914 Germans in Picklehaubs(!), and some 1918 Germans. Still aiming for an early April game with these guys!!??!!

And yes, I know I promised a comparative pic of my various WW1 figures from differing manufacturers. Maybe later this week...