Tuesday, December 28, 2010

End of 2010

So this is Christmas... and what have you done? Thanks to you John for the lyric!

This loaded question can send one's mind reeling for hours considering the year past and the new one to come. I will simply keep my thoughts here framed within the wargaming arena. This will spare you the tales of me not keeping my previous resolutions to lose weight and become a generally better person (missed on both of those targets, I'm sorry to report).

2010 Highlights/Lowlights
Highs: This year brought me within sight of finishing my 25mm/25mm Napoleonic French Army for General de Brigade and nearly ready to stage a version of the Lincoln County War, also in 28mm,  using The Rules With No Name.

Lows: A string of really bad games has brought to light the fact that I may not be the best scenario designer in our club! I also failed to live up to the promise that I made to myself that I would have ALL of my 1914 French and Germans painted and in a game before the year was out. Fortunately, these things can be remedied with a bit of work...

2011 "Goals"
I usually hesitate to put resolutions... err... targets out where folks can see them but it seems that a bit of gentle "encouragement" from my few readers may give me a needed kick in the &@$$ when needed...

1. Lose weight and become a better person - always a favorite list starter
2. Add 4 battalions of infantry and 6 sections of artillery to my Garde Imperiale so I can declare the Napoleonic French completed
3. Begin running the Lincoln County War by the end of March - paint a few buildings and that is a go
4. Stage a LARGE 15mm Pirates game
5. By steady effort, complete my 1914 collection

Looks like my pal Rex of Rex Painting Service will be a busy man this year!

May your 2011 bring you blessings, peace, and health. Also, I hope that 2011 sees you reach your gaming goals... Good Luck!