Friday, December 07, 2012

Next Scenario

Our next game will be another a-historical affair. Instead of reproducing an actual battle we are resorting to the "lazy way out" and doing our first points battle. General de Brigade has a table of point values for units and officers to help design a game. I suppose that this idea of point values is a carryover from Games Workshop style games where "points battles" seem to be the norm. Our primary goal was to add the element of surprise since the opposing sides will not have much prior knowledge of the opposing force.

Here is the scenario information that the players will get before the battle:

Encounter near Lippendorf
This fictional meeting engagement is set around the time of the Battle of Leipzig in 1813. Our scenario supposes that the French and Allied forces have detached units to seize the area east of Lippendorf to protect their southern flanks. The objective of each side is to secure the hills on each side of the Leipzig Road, the hamlet of Lippendorf, and the Kaltz Farm.
Each side has been allotted @1200 points  to “purchase” units and officers based on the point values noted in the General de Brigade Deluxe edition. The only stipulation is that each side must buy a minimum of 1 infantry unit (of 20+ figures), 1 cavalry unit (of 12+ figures), and 1 artillery battery (of at least 2 sections). Beyond that, any combination of troop types and quality is allowed. The troop rosters will remain hidden until the day of battle. This is our attempt at a bit of “fog of war”.

The side holding the most objectives wins. “Owning and objective” goes to the side that, most recently, has/had a unit move across that point while in GOOD ORDER. Sorry guys, retreating units passing over an objective point will not hold it for your side!

Terrain Notes:
The Hamlet of Lippendorf and Kaltz Farm will hold 1 battalion of 24 figures and counts as COVER -2

The Hills are GOOD TERRAIN and only serve to block line of sight

The Woods are DIFFICULT TERRAIN with a 6 inch visibility limit

The Roads offer x2 speed for units in MARCH COLUMN that spend the entire move on the roads
Scenario Map

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