Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Slodka Woda Pictures

Here are a few photos, many are blurry, of the recent Napoleonic game.

Looking in from the French left wing. 

French units approach town.

French artillery moving towards deployment area to right of village. 

French right wing prepares to advance.

Russian 3rd Brigade flanking Slodka Woda.

Russians sheltering behind village.

French (Polish) light cavalry trying to look threatening to advancing Russians.

Same unit.

Armonde's men trying to stave off the Russian advance.

Russians from their 3rd Brigade.

Russian dragoons charging Armonde's artillery while the French cavalry hurls itself into the Russians.

French cavalry just prior to dispersing due to Russian musketry.


James Fisher, FINS said...

Some excellent photos of a great looking game. I especially like the close-ups of units.

James said...

If I was a better photographer I would have much more pictures to share. Like everyone else, I really enjoy looking at other people's troops in action. I always look forward to photos from your LARGE games!