Monday, June 30, 2014

Napoleonic Scenario: Slodka Woda 1807

Action at Slodka Woda 1807
An utterly fictional scenario for General de Brigade

I needed to put together a scenario quickly for this week's Napoleonic gaming at the club. So, I took the easy way out... a points game using GdB Deluxe. Each side gets a CiC and 1000 points to compose a force. This meeting engagement will take place in Poland during the 1807 Campaign and pit my French against Mike's Russians. 

Continuing with the idea of leaving the scenario open-ended, I whipped up a chart to determine victory conditions. By keeping those objectives secret, I hoped to build a bit of tension for the players as they tried to complete their missions while, possibly, denying the enemy his objectives.

Each side gets an AVERAGE Commander in Chief and 1000 points to buy all other officers, infantry, cavalry and artillery.

Each side rolls to determine 2 objectives to be designated as their victory conditions.
  1. Seize, and hold, village of Slodka Woda.
  2. Seize the victory point in enemy rear area. Center of enemy rear 24” from table edge.
  3. Destroy 1 enemy brigade through casualties or rout.
  4. Destroy all enemy artillery through casualties or rout.
  5. Seize the Koza farmstead.
  6. Seize, and hold, the high ground on the enemy side of the road.
Battlefield Map

Terrain Notes
The Village – Slodka Woda will hold 1 battalion of 24 figures and counts as COVER -2. Village can be reduced to NO COVER with 8 points of artillery damge.

The Hills – All hills are GOOD TERRAIN and do not modify movement in any way. Line of sight is blocked by hills.

The Woods – All woods are DIFFICULT TERRAIN. All woods are light woods with 6” visibility.

The Roads – All roads offer x2 speed for INFANTRY units in MARCH COLUMN that spend the entire move on the roads.

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