Monday, November 05, 2012

A Study in BAD Luck!

We gathered to play out the cavalry battle scenario on Saturday November 3rd. I will spare you the suspense of wondering what happened... it was an Allied Victory. My poor tactics and HORRID dice rolls caused my French units to lose almost every melee that they were engaged in. I look forward to trying the scenario again as I think that it would be difficult for me to play as badly again!

I have included some pictures but they are not very good as I had trouble getting the camera to focus! If nothing else, you get a general idea of the size of the battle.

French heavy cavalry

French cavalry approaching from the right

French cavalry approaching from the right

French Cuirassiers charging Russian Dragoons

All smiles during set up

Jeff (Prussian Cavalry Commander) surveys the village

View of the village from the passing Cuirassier Brigade

French Cuirassiers and Dragoons about to launch ill-fated charges

French Guard cavalry surveying the area where the French Cuirassiers used to be

French Dragoons ROUTING

French Guard Cavalry about to hit Russian Dragoons

Infantry stalemate in the middle


Phil said...

Nice AAR, you'll be luckier next time!

James Fisher, FINS said...

Sorry that the game did not pan out at all as you had hoped. It looks great nevertheless and the photos really capture the large dimensions of the table—fantastic!