Thursday, April 19, 2012

Next Scenario: Alpine Advance

Here is a copy of the proposed scenario for our next game of Napoleonics. As always, it will be played in 28mm using General de Brigade. Please note that this is a fictional encounter and is designed more to be "an even fight" than anything else. On Saturday we will see about that!

Encounter near Tarvisio 1809

1915 Postcard of Tarvisio

 This fictional scenario supposes more aggressive action by the Austrians as Eugene’s Franco-Italian Corps pushed northward in May 1809. The seizure of Tarvisio, the Storming of the Malborghetto Blockhouse, and the Storming of the Predil Blockhouse opened the way for the French to attack into Austria’s Carinthia territory. Our scenario has the Austrians striking a portion of Eugene’s army prior to it arriving at the town of Tarvisio. The main goal here was to provide a small scenario to be completed in a short time.

The terrain will effectively divide each army into 3 sections and create command/control difficulties.

Terrain Notes:
The Hamlet of Tollo will hold 1 battalion of 24 figures and counts as COVER -2

The Hills are SEVERE TERRAIN and thus impassable to artillery and cavalry and very disruptive to formed infantry units


The Roads offer x2 speed for units in MARCH COLUMN that spend the entire move on the roads

Objective Notes:
We will add up points to determine a victor (or loser, if you are like me)

1. The cross-roads hamlet of Tollo is the key terrain objective and is worth 10 points

2. Each side is seeking to destroy or rout more than one enemy brigade. Each destroyed brigade is worth 5 points

3. Each enemy general killed or colors taken is worth 5 points

4. Each enemy battalion/cavalry regiment destroyed or dispersed is worth 3 points

5. Enemy artillery destroyed is worth nothing

Set up Notes:
Each side will have 3 set up areas (A, B, and C for Austrians) (D, E, and F for French) that must contain 1 brigade when the battle opens. Most likely, that will leave 1 extra brigade for each side to deploy into any of the 3 set up areas.

French Forces
Division Durutte: General of Division Pierre François Joseph Durutte
 AdC is CdDB Crappet

1st Brigade: GdB Six
22nd Light Infantry Regiment (2 Battalions) ELITE 1st CLASS SK
23rd Line Infantry Regiment (3 battalions) VETERAN

2nd Brigade: GdB Girard
62nd Line Infantry Regiment (3 battalions) LINE
Foot battery 6-pound battery (6 guns) VETERAN

Brigade: General of Brigade François Guerin d'Etoquigny
7th Dragoon Regiment (4 squadrons) VETERAN

Brigade: General of Brigade Joseph Pagès
6th Chasseurs à Cheval Regiment (4 squadrons) VETERAN
8th Chasseurs à Cheval Regiment (4 squadrons) VETERAN

Austrian Forces

VIII Armeekorps: Feldmarschall-Leutnant Albert Gyulai
AdC Oberst Roche

Brigade: General-Major Hieronymus Karl Graf von Colloredo-Mansfeld
Strassoldo Infantry Regiment Nr. 27 (2 battalions) VETERAN
Saint-Julien Infantry Regiment Nr. 61 (2 battalions) VETERAN
Foot Battery 6-pound brigade battery (6 guns) VETERAN

Brigade: General-Major Anton Gajoli
Salamon Converged Grenadiers (1 battalion) ELITE
Franz Jellacic Infantry Regiment Nr. 62 (2 battalion) 32 Figures Each LINE
2nd Banal Grenz Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1 battalion) 2nd LINE 2nd CLASS SK

Brigade: Oberst Wilhelm von Fulda
Ott Hussar Regiment Nr. 5 (4 squadrons) VETERAN
Hohenzollern Chevau-léger Regiment Nr. 2 (4 squadrons) VETERAN

Brigade: General-Major Johann Hager von Altensteig
Savoy Dragoon Regiment Nr. 5 (4 squadrons) VETERAN

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