Thursday, March 15, 2012

A few pics from Bar-Sur-Aube

View from French left wing

View of Bar-Sur-Aube village, Duhesme's infantry and guns, and Jacquionot's  cavalry crossing the river

View of Duhesme's troops from French right wing

View of the Russians advancing against some of Duhesme's troops

Polish Hussars trying to look like French Hussars

Duhesme's Legere

Duhesme's guns

Allied Grand Battery

Russians in the foreground and Wurttemburgers in the background

A lone French battalion in the woods

Leval's guns awaiting the Wurttemburgers

Leval's view

Minifig(!) Bavarians advancing on my lines

View from French right wing

From the right wing again

Austrians advancing on Bar-Sur-Aube

The Austrians have suffered a momentary set back

Austrians moving forward again

Austrian Hussars moving out from behind the Grand Battery

Duhesme taking a beating in the center

Looking toward the French right

French Dragoons prepare to charge the center

Leval trading shots

An Austrian charge drives home

French Dragoons charging Russian Dragoons - resulted in both being thrown back

The final moments as Duhesme's infantry has broken and the Austrians pour onto the French right wing

The Austrians charging into Bar-Sur-Aube against Jarry's conscripts - the Austrians won easily

Final positions


Rosbif said...

Cool looking game; tons-o'-figs!

What scale do you use? We use 1:60 (ie. 1 fig=60 men)

James said...

We play General de Brigade using a 1:30 scale. It was a good game that recalled the days, long ago, when we played games with Airfix troops. It was good fun!

Phil said...

A very good report, with beautiful pictures. We too have played this battle, very interesting. A very good blog, I will come back soon!