Friday, September 30, 2011

A few pictures from my last loss...!

Here are a few pictures that better illustrate my battle report in my previous post.
The French Right Wing
A Clash between Front Rank Polish Hussars and Essex KGL Dragoons

A view of the French left wing

A view of the rear of the town as well as a view of the French artillery as it halted while moving forward when it became obvious that there would be no room to deploy!

The French left wing as it comes under heavy fire

A view of the French lines including the town and most of the right wing

The town and the indecisive artillery

The French left wing after being driven back

A view of the town from the Spanish positions on the Allied left wing

French battalions in the wood/orchard on the French right wing

A view from the Allied left wing looking down the length of the battlefield

A view from Allied right wing. That is Carl studying the rules

Allied view of the town just before taking it in a charge

On the right of the town we see the British battalion that charged in and ousted the French

Another view of the Allies charging into town

A view of the Spanish/Portuguese units who pushed back the French lines on the  French right wing and pressured the town's defenders through the entire battle

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