Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work in Progress

Here are a few pics of my current project. As we have an ACW game coming up as our next club game, I thought that it was time to add some command figures to my collection. Unfortunately, I didn't have any "run of the mill" mounted officers in my unpainted box so Hood, Jackson, Stuart , and Bobby Lee will be reduced to commanding my troops on my next outing!

In these two shots we see the Wargames Foundry CSA Personalities glued to fender washers after being trimmed of what little flash that there was. I am trying something new by gluing the riders to the horses before painting. I am hopeful that it will result in a stronger glue bond between the rider and mount. I am worried that it may make painting the riders a bit more difficult...

In these two photos we see the figures covered in the black Gesso that I use as primer. It is always a little unnerving to me when I slather on the Gesso and much of the detail on the figures disappears under a dark blob! However, within 30 minutes the Gesso has dried, and shrunk, enough to reveal all the fine details of the figures. As you can see in the blurry, ill-lit cell phone picture below...

More after the Gesso dries completely! Keep checking back to see how I ruin these lovely figures with my mediocre painting methods!

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