Thursday, September 16, 2010

Current Projects & Ideas

I am trying to work on a few projects that seem to be crawling along...

Grand ideas:
1. Starting an Old West Lincoln County War campaign using The Rules With No Name
2. Trying to figure out how to do a Napoleonic Campaign with General de Brigade

Mundane tasks:
1. Finishing the standard bearers and command stands for @ 12 - 15 units from my Napoleonic collection and my ACW collection
2. Basing and terraining painted figures to complete @ 12 - 15 units

As usual, my progress is slow. I hope to have news of completing one of the above listed tasks soon - check back to see which one gets done!!


AngryCoffeeMan said...

A Napoleonic Campaign? As in linked scenarios? Oooh....

James said...

No, a proper map and strategy sort of campaign. I am still kicking around ideas on how to achieve this goal.