Friday, June 04, 2010

25mm UPDATE: Uhh, now what?

It seems that I have reached a day that I didn't think would ever arrive... I have so many French Napoleonic Ligne and Legere Infantry battalions painted up that ... gasp... I do not need any more! I have always been collecting and painting these units, off and on, since 1980. First, I painted a large collection of Airfix. They were replaced by a larger and more varied collection of Minifigs. Finally, the old reliable Minifigs were replaced with a new force built from Foundry (mostly) and Front Rank units.

When I was doing all of my own painting things moved slowly. Looking back, I probably spent the best part of 20 years, off and on, painting (BADLY) about 30 French infantry battalions, if you count the Airfix and then the Minifigs. For the newest army I enlisted the services of Rex Blackwell of Rex Painting Service (my highest recommendations for his services!) and it was done in, by my standards, a blink of an eye. I estimate my new army of @22 French battalions only took 4 to 5 years to be made ready to fight. That isn't even counting the Duchy of Warsaw Brigade that I have to go with them. Lets see now... add them all up... carry the 2... and that equals... too many to use all at once at our club! Mon dieu!

This leaves me on unfamiliar ground. As I am always looking forward to the next French unit to buy and paint, and I have been auto pilot for 30 years, I am forced to consider doing something else to get my Napoleonic "fix". I already have enough cavalry and artillery to go with all those infantrymen. I have plenty of generals, Marshals, and AdC types to lead my rabble. I already have an army to fight in Egypt and the Holy Lands wearing that polyglot of colors designed by Kleber.

There seems to be only one reasonable solution... a nice sized brigade of La Garde Imperiale (with attendant artillery, of course!) in full dress! Ahhh, it is good to have a goal again......!

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Scott Pasha said...

Now if only you could get them to win a game!
Scott Pasha

PS: Eureka is releasing "nearly a 100 codes of Suvarov's Revolutionary Wars Russians" So there's yer next project