Saturday, January 09, 2010

Basing 25mm troops

I have received many nicely painted figures over the last 6 weeks, or so. I am in the slow process of basing them in preparation for upcoming games. The process is slow because my new daughter isn't too interested in my miniatures and seems to need to be held just about the time I sit down to do a bit of wargaming related work. Mind you, I am not complaining!

I have 6 battalions (24 figures each) of 1809 Polish infantry, along with some generals, painted by Rex Painting Service that arrived before Christmas. As always, they turned out very nicely with superb painting by Rex. I have some GMB flags to mount on the standard bearers. They should look great once they are mounted and ready for action!

I also have a few regiments (20 figures each) of pre-painted Old Glory ACW Federal infantry to be based. These are nice figures ("2nd edition" I think) and the painting is pretty well done. I have some GMB flags for these units that will give the regiments an excellent finishing touch.

I have no pics at the moment, but I hope to post some shots to show my basing methods. This should provide anyone still reading this blog plenty of material to criticize (my methods - not the figures!!).

Happy New Year!!

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