Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WW1 Figure Comparison

Remember when I mentioned a picture showing a comparison of each manufacturer's figures for WW1? Six months later... ta da! Here are two shots of a lineup I did that featured samples from each manufacturer that I own. I know there are other manufacturers but I don't own them ... yet.

L to R

Renegade French Officer, Renegade French Soldier, Great War French Officer in Adrian Helmet, Brigade Games French NCO, Scarab Miniatures Austrian Officer, and Foundry French Soldier in Late War kit.

I like almost all of the figures and would happily mix all but the Scarab and Foundry figures with any of the others. It looks like my very small pile of Foundry chaps will soon be moving to a new home via eBay while I will need to get some more of those Scarab Austrians so the few I already have don't feel left out.

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