Sunday, March 15, 2009

News from the Front

Its been a while so I thought I would post some kind of update just to let everyone know that I am still knocking about...

Things have been hectic lately (who can't use that excuse?) so I have not made the kind of progress that I would like on my wargaming projects. I have over 50 1914/1915 German infantrymen scattered across my painting table. They are a mix of Renegade and Brigade Games figures. I am not very happy with the uniform color (an early version of Feldgrau) that I have tried to replicate in miniature with little success. Each picture that I look at has a different shade/tone/hue so I finally came to the stunning realization that anything close to my target color is likely to be correct. As a Napoleonic painter this is a bit of a difficult concept for me but I am learning to cope with it! Most importantly, I remembered that none of gaming club members fought in the Great War so they won't know if I am wrong...!

During this large push to get my Bosche painted I am also mounting/remounting my 25mm American Civil War figures to play Guns at Gettysburg. This rules set will transform our games from playing skirmish actions to fighting battles with a division of troops per side. I am very excited about this project and look forward to fighting a battle before the end of March with GaG.

In addition, I have uncovered some information relating to the design of the flags needed for my 25mm Napoleonic French troops for the Campaigns in Egypt and the Holy Lands. A fellow wargamer has shared with me an old article that describes the flags very nicely and confirms (and corrects!) my dicey translations from a french language book on flags of the Revolution and Empire.

OK, so I am still wargaming and painting... I hope to have some pictures soon so I can prove some of these outlandish claims! Back to painting...

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