Monday, December 15, 2008

WW1 Wargaming in Palestine

We finally got to have a go at a largish WW1 game using Price of Glory rules this past weekend. Scott Pasha (see his blog), he who leads us off the beaten path, ran a game set in Palestine featuring Germans, Turks, and some native tribesmen pitted against some British Territorial units. I took some photos but they aren't very good - but I never let that stop me.

Here is a picture taken from the vantage point of the German Asienkorps area of deployment.

This picture shows the rapid advance of 3 sections of Indian Lancers, look out!

Here is a later battle shot from just behind the advancing Turkish lines. The area just to the front of the Turks was the scene of a cavalry battle between the Indian Lancers and a section of Turkish cavalry. The Turkish cavalry was destroyed in the melee and the Indian cavalry was shot up by Turkish Infantry fire and was forced to retire.

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