Sunday, October 19, 2008

A new area of expense... ahem interest

My wargaming pal Scott lured me into doing something with my long standing curiosity about WWI/The Great War/The War to End All Wars... So I have taken the plunge and begun doing a bit of reading, collecting, and painting troops so we can wargame this fascinating era.

For once I have a plan (sort of) for what I wish to collect before I just purchasing figures willy nilly. We will see if I can stick to my plans - I have my doubts. First up will be French (I gotta collect French troops - call me misguided, sick, or whatever...) and Germans. I have completed a small smattering of Old Glory Germans and I have to say they aren't bad looking figures. As soon as I have properly based them I shall have to snap and share a few pics.

Meanwhile check out a new WWI movie that looks positively inspirational:

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